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If you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete looking for a breakthrough. The resources and community in Team Sirius Tri Club can help you reach your true potential whatever your goals may be.

Team Sirius Europe supports Macheo in the following interventions:

Baby house, where we help abandoned newborn babies.

The staff in the baby house in Thika care for babies who are abandoned and rescued from trafficking and other forms of abuse.

The core purpose of our activities here is to enable the babies to trust, bond and love. Without this ability, we believe all their future human connections can be damaged in the future. If Macheo would not offer these services, the babies would stay in a general hospital ward until they are 8 months old and will then go for adoption.

These children are mostly below one-year-old. Macheo’s trained caregivers and nurse care for them around the clock. We take them through the clinical check-ups and all the necessities a child of this age needs to the point where they are healthy and old enough to be reintegrated to their families, go for (domestic) adoption, or can be placed in foster families. Babies stay on average 6 months.

Payment of School Fees, through which we help girls access education.

There is not much sadder to witness then a young person’s hopes for a better future being lost through lack of opportunities. Children who are not going to school are at big risk jeopardizing their future through teenage pregnancies or damage their economic future. Macheo’s focus is on adolescent’ girls because of the big effects on the next generation if girls do not go to school. In 2020 Macheo will be able to assist 114 children to either day or boarding school through this intervention.

Provide School feeding on public schools.

By providing school feeding programs we positively impact retention of children in schools, improve access into schools, improve school performance and contribute to higher wellbeing levels in health, food & nutritional status, protection and psychosocial wellbeing of children. One of Macheo’s goals is to get children into school and retain them until they complete their primary school education. Provision of subsidized food for lunch is one of the feeding interventions that Macheo uses to achieve this objective. This intervention is provided in Government schools where Macheo has introduced the feeding program. Parents who can afford contribute to the costs of the meals.

Cathelijne’s sponsoractie

I am a proud member of Team Sirius Europe, where I fulfill my passion for the beautiful sport of Triathlon.

However, this is not my only passion. I am also a passionate supporter of Macheo’s Children’s Organization in Kenya which was founded and is still managed by my brother in Kenya. I visited Macheo multiple times and I absolutely stand for what they are aiming to achieve and the way they do this.

I know how lucky I am to be able to help Macheo assist more vulnerable children. I invite you to join me on this inspiring journey and please help me support Macheo!

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