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It’s never enough to help others grow. Meet ‘Angavu’, a teenage mother only 18 years old with a 9 months old daughter. She used to be very stressed and depressed because she and her baby were sleeping on the floor and sometimes didn’t have food for days. Angavu didn’t get any support from her drug-addicted and violent husband. When referred by a community worker in Ruiru, an urban area around Thika, Kenya, Macheo Children’s Organization came in to help the teen mom and her child. Starting with the Malnourished Children Program, we ensured the child was gaining weight and stopped being malnourished by giving food packages. Furthermore, we provided the Teenage Mom Program, where we assisted with starting up a vegetable- and fruit kiosk, which is doing well and makes sure Angavu can put food on the table for herself and her baby. At last, we provided the Mental Health Support program which involved counseling sessions with Angavu. The combination of these interventions made her feel joyful and empowered, as she is motivated again to keep improving her business so she can take care of her beautiful daughter.

Angavu with her baby. *Please note Angavu is not the real name of the woman.*
Overview of Macheo’s method. Read more here

In this case, we provided four different interventions to the teen mom:

1.   Malnourished Children Program (helping children who are malnourished by giving them food packages and trainings with information about nutrition)

2.   Teenage Mom Program (medical assistance, parenting training, counselling, skills training and/or business start up)

3.   Mental Health Support (provide both individual and group counselling)

4.   Improving Living Conditions (improve household, physical living conditions and school infrastructure)

Those four interventions together made sure that we changed the life of a young woman. We are now looking to help her by enrolling her in an education program at a university around Thika.

The Hikers!

What are we going to do?

You see in cases like this that we can achieve a lot, but only if we do it together. That is why Inas Djelloul and Nathan van Leeuwen are hiking Mount Kipipiri this coming Saturday the 11th of March to raise money for Macheo Children’s Organization in Thika, Kenya. Mount Kipipiri is located in the western part of Aberdare National Park in Kenya. We will have a challenging 7-hour hike with a distance of 18 km and an elevation gain of 1200m. With your support, our legs will have some extra energy on Saturday.

How can you help?

Unfortunately, there is always a waiting list for children that need help. Together we can make this waiting list shorter and make sure we help more children in need.

For donating, we created this special page on our website. You can pay with iDeal, Bancontact, Creditcard and PayPal.

Your donation can make a life-changing impact on the lives of mothers like Angavu.

We thank you in advance. 

This is what we raised so far:

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